You light up my life. And not in a good way.

Portland summers are long and bright. This is an amazing gift in the evenings but a horrible nightmare in the mornings, especially for people who have semi-transparent drapes and a hungry dog who wakes with the sun.

A short while back I wrote about the Put-Me-To-Sleepmask. Until some brilliant, forward-looking neurobiologist finds my blog, invents one that fits a pug’s face and gets it to market, I’m actively seeking alternate solutions. And today’s alternative is light-sensitive drapes. Lemme break it down:

  1. I hang a pair of drapes made of light-sensitive fabric.
  2. Installed next to said drapes is a light-meter, similar in function to a thermostat whereupon I can specify how much light to let into my bedroom based on time of day. 6am? No way – keep your sunlight to yourself. 7am? Okay, let half of it in, I’m snoozing the alarm. 8am? Yeah, give it to me full-blast cuz I’ve got stuff to do today.
  3. Me and Dog get a good night’s sleep.

This might exist. I may be missing out on these incredible benefits as I type. It might also cost a bajillion dollars, so somebody ping me when I can get it at Target, please.

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