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I died in a fire.


I think of clothes a lot like costumes. I think of what I wear in real life as being my real-life character's costume.

Ginnifer Goodwin

Find texture in everything.

“…he seems to understand the creative potential of random acts and non-directed participation.”

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I hate you.

If you read Psychology Today, you’ve likely seen the June 2012 article entitled “Heat Seekers” which equates physical and social ‘warmth’. If you haven’t, it basically says this: if you feel physically cold, you’re likely to also feel more lonely and stingy than you would if you felt physically warm. It also states that “temperature affects our perception and mood below our level of awareness”, and that drinking a cup of iced coffee can make us “judge others as unfriendly”.

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Within your city, you find pieces of yourself.

Finding Portland from Uncage the Soul Productions on Vimeo.

Fortes fortuna adiuvat. (Fortune favors the bold.)

Latin proverb